Discovery of coffee and how it was roasted in fire

Now this is a story that every coffee lover should know. Ethiopia: the birth country of coffee. Checkout this post to know all about the origin of coffee. For now, let’s stick to the fun story.


Ethiopia - the coffee country | brew overlord

Legend says, Kaldi, a goat herder from Abyssinia (now Ethiopia), noticed a change in behaviour of his goats, they were happier, they used to dance and they were energetic all the time. Kaldi wanted to know what it is that’s causing this behaviour. So he started observing his goats and found that they were eating red berries and after that only they were full of energy. So he reported this to the local monastery. You think no one would believe him but on the contrary when monks tried eating this unique berry, they felt the same, they could stay awake late night or even the entire night and do prayers.

We know what you are thinking. If they used to eat the berries, so how come we drink it? What led to this? There is another legend about this, it’s said that when he told the monks about his findings, they did not believe him and threw all their beans into fire, now you can imagine what would have happened, the beans inside berries got roasted and the aroma was irresistible as we all know it. What happened after that? I am not sure, but that was the start of roasted coffee beans.

Now there is no proof for this story but still it’s worth knowing. We know one thing for sure, that coffee came from Ethiopia. We also know where it went next. It reached Yemen in the 15th century after crossing the red sea. The port where it first arrived was called Mocha, sounds familiar? Yes, that’s how we got the name caffè mocha, also known as mocaccino. Adding another interesting fact, there are reasons why we name coffee as latte or cappuccino for which we'll write a new blog. 

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