About us

On our venture to find the best coffee we explored many places ranging from Coorg, Sakleshpur, Shimoga etc before we could set foot in India’s “Coffee Cradle” – Chikmagalur.


chikmagalur coffee brew overlord


Amidst the mountain valleys and the lush coffee estates, a place with the legendary coffee background is what inspired us to start Brew Overlord Coffee.

As fancy as we want to present our story to you, we would like you to know the history of how the coffee beans to your perfect cup of coffee landed at the most famous location Chikmagalur. Coffee was introduced into India through the Chikmagalur district when the first coffee crop was grown in the baba budan giri range during 1670 AD. According to the article Origins of Coffee, the saint Baba Budan on his pilgrimage to Mecca travelled through the seaport of Mocha, Yemen where he discovered coffee. To introduce its taste to India, he wrapped seven coffee beans around his belly in a robe and got them out of Arabia. On his return home, he planted the beans in the hill slopes of Chikmagalur.

Chikmagalur is  well known worldwide for its fine coffee.As we wandered through the beautiful coffee estates at sky kissing high altitudes, we had one thing in mind & that was to understand the process before we design our product. One must definitely be an epicure to judge the best of what is brought to the table & we understood that at the very start of our journey. We began making our way through the coffee plantations to select the best coffee for our consumers. We took care of every minute step & never took the wide range of options at our disposal as a leverage. We handpicked the coffee fruits & lived through the entire process just to be sure that we never let any stone unturned.

Only the finest quality of beans make their way into our roastery. The best quality beans from selective coffee plantations are used to extract its goodness to create delicate flavors in each stage of processing. We take pride in stating that the roasting process is followed with utmost care. As much as we await to hear the first crack, we ensure slow roasting to get the best of what every bean has to offer. Needless to say we have a great hold over the temperature & the time, these factors determine how the flavour is retained in your cup of coffee. The beans are then ground to suit the brewing method.


Chikmagalur green coffee beans brew overlord


After the beans are hand picked, dried, roasted & ground to perfection comes the most critical stage which is Coffee cupping. We take immense pleasure in letting our consumers know that we have deployed certified personals who are coffee experts to help us deliver the best Coffee to you. Our experts have been very helpful in providing us detailed insights on what could go unnoticed by us. We would like to extend our gratitude to them.

Once the entire process is completed, we ensure the packaging is done so as to seal the aroma of the coffee that we have selected for you. Coffee has a smaller shelf life and its aroma vanishes slowly as days go by, so delivering fresh coffee is essential.We ensure all the safety & hygiene guidelines are met. All of our products are untouched by hands.

 We hope our attempt to deliver the best is successful. Our journey has just begun and we wish to scale our venture upwards & never stop exploring for the best. We would love you to be a part of our story.